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The connections between the Wareham and Harry families

There are at least two, possibly three times over the generations that the Wareham and the Harry families have inter married and I am trying to find out why.


Back in 1875, one of the daughters of William of Ilfracombe, Margaret Jane Wareham, married Edward Wareham Harry, in Kingston, Surrey.  He had been born in Swansea and she was a Londoner. He was a surveyor and engineer and they had six baby Harry's, born in such diversified towns as Harrogate and Cambridge. 

Seven years later, Margaret's brother, George William Wareham, married one of Edward's sisters, Jessie Deveraux Harry.  According to a contact, George had been educated at Eton and the Sorbonne in Paris.   By May 1883, they had emigrated to Taranaki, New Zealand and their first child had been born.  As far as I am aware, they were the only Harry's at this time to emigrate.  Why did they chose to do this ? 

You will notice that the first of these unions involved an Edward Wareham Harry.  Where did he get that middle name from ?  Nothing has been completely proven yet, but the working theory, which is on the balance of probabilities, probably correct, is that William of Ilfracombe's aunt, Hannah Wareham, married a William Harry in 1811 in Teddington, Middlesex.  Now, Teddington is about 5 miles from Esher, Surrey where loads of little Warehams were born although the one BIG downside to proving the connection, is that, according to the 1841 and 1851 census, Hannah would only have been 14 at the time of the wedding.  In 1811 it was legal, with parents consent, for any marriage to take place, anywhere, as long as it was conducted by an ordained clergyman.  I have not found any reason why such consent would have been given.

 My contact in Australia told me that her grandfather, Harry Dunlop Wareham, born in Perth 1875, emigrated to Sydney in 1895 on board the "Orient", to meet up with his uncles and aunts and their families who had emigrated in the 1850's (some onboard "Bangalore" in 1855).  He died in Toowoomba, Queensland in 1962, had written in letters and a diary about Edward Wareham Harry.  He joked that he had a cousin called "Wareham Harry" and a grandfather called "Harry Wareham" !

The photo, sent to me by his granddaughter, is of Harry Dunlop Wareham with his wife Martha, daughter Audrey and son Alan, taken in about 1915. 


Strangely, although not part of the above research, the Wareham family also includes inter family marriages between members of the NORMAN family as well as a marriage of a Jane Wareham (daughter of a George Wareham and Millicent Muggeridge) to William "the waiter" in St Marylebone, London 1835.  Were they cousins ?   

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