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Charles Clare (1884 - 1920)

My wife's grandfather was born in Cambridge, lived there all his life before dying at the relatively young age of 36.

Charles Clare (junior) was born on 7th July 1884 at the beautifully named, Primrose Terrace, 7 Victoria Road, Chesterton, Cambridge. His parents were Charles (senior) and Elizabeth,and Charles (junior) was the oldest of four children. 

He may have attended St Luke’s Church and School in Victoria Road which had opened on 1st October 1874 (photo opposite).  It was a school for boys, girls and infants.  The school building is now used by a firm dealing in the craft of hand lettering.

By the time of the 1891 census, aged 6, he was living with his parents and siblings over the Carpenters Arms pub at 48 Victoria Road, Chesterton, where his father was probably working as the pub cook. Ten years later in 1901, 16 year old Charles was working as a coal merchants clerk while still living with his parents and siblings, now at 188 Victoria Road.  I have not yet been able to tell if Victoria Road was ever renumbered (his father seems to have lived at number 7, 48, 139 and 188 which seems strange).     

In 1904 Charles' father died suddenly of pneumonia.

On 10th February 1908, Charles married Amelia Gooderham who came from Norfolk (62 miles away).  Throughout their married life they lived at 42 Cam Road, Chesterton. They had five children, all born in Chesterton :

1908 Irene Millicent 

1910 Beryl Joan 

1911 Reginald Charles 

1913 Leslie Colin (direct line) 

Charles continued to work as a coal merchants clerk until, on 23rd November 1920, he died of pneumonia. Was his death somehow caused by the coal dust which must have been prevalent ?  Coal dust must have been around him all the time and he would have been breathing it in during his time at work.  Small soot or dust particles are able to penetrate deep into the lungs and modern evidence shows that exposure to indoor air pollution increases the risk of pneumonia among children under five, and chronic respiratory disease and lung cancer (in relation to coal use) among adults over 30 years old.

Eight years after the birth of their fourth child, on 9th July 1921, Betty Madeline was born.  She must have been conceived just before Charles died which is very sad as he probably died without even knowing he was going to be a dad again.  Amelia (aged 37) was then left to bring up a young family all by herself.   

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