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Lord Stewards Department

Lord Stewards Department in the Royal Household

The Lord Steward is the most important member of the royal household.  He is always a peer himself and a member of government. His department would consist of treasurer, the privy councillers, master of horse and people of similar standing. He would have been personally chosen by the Queen for the position and reside solely at court. He would therefore have his own staff.  In 1851 the Lord Steward was The Marquess of Westminster.  He was the only one allowed to relay messages from the Queen to the House of Commons and the Queen would have frequented his department a lot for advice and updates.  

Also common practice would have been the practice of substituting sick staff of the Queen's with his own as they would also have been silver service trained.  

It is very possible Ellis Wareham did serve coffee to the Queen!!!

wrote to the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle, who have a card index of staff employed in the Lord Chamberlain´s and Lord Steward´s Departments, to see if they could find anything for me.  I received a very nice response by special delivery in an impressive envelope from Windsor Castle with three crowns on the front and the red royal insignia on the  back.  A copy will be scanned.

Staff records have been kept for centuries in “huge ledgers of the Lord Chamberlain and Lord Steward’s offices, which record their pay, food, lodging, liveries, gifts both to and from their sovereigns, and their pensions”. The Lord Chamberlain´s Department deals with the “above stairs” staff (in other words, the ceremonial and social life of the Court) and the Lord Steward´s Department, known since 1854 as the Master of the Household’s Department, deals with the “below stairs” staff (domestic and culinary matters).

In 2012 some of Queen Victoria's journals became available online, as did staff records between 1526 and 1924.

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